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Why North Cyprus?

Why buy your villa or apartment flat in North Cyprus? Why consider property for sale in Northern Cyprus in preference over property for sale abroad in any number of popular destinations. We believe that there are some excellent reasons, not least the current pricing levels which can be up to 50% lower than other Mediterranean countries and potential return on investment. A few other very good reasons for coming to North Cyprus are mentioned below.

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  • A glorious climate
  • Turkish language
  • Great investment opportunities
  • Low crime rate
  • Warm & friendly people
  • Amazing prices
  • The Turkish Lira

Northern Cyprus, or to be more precise, The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, consists of an area of over 3,300 square miles. As the name suggests, this is the northern part of the island of Cyprus and is populated mainly by Turkish Cypriots and Turkish citizens with an increasing number of foreign nationals. People from all over the world have found the combination of a glorious climate and welcoming friendly locals, something too difficult to resist.

The north of Cyprus has not been exposed to the same degree of development as the southern side and there remain vast tracts of beautiful countryside and coastline that are almost untouched by modern civilization.

An example of this is the Karpaz peninsula, sometimes called the Panhandle due to its shape. This area has virtually no industry and is one of the least polluted regions to be found in the European periphery.

As the world has woken up to this delightful treasure in the Mediterranean Sea, some development has inevitably taken place. To date, much of this has been in the area around Kyrenia which remains a beautiful area nestling below rugged mountains. Many Turks have purchased land and property in this region and it is a thriving area worthy of consideration by those seeking a home or property in the sun.

Kyrenia remains a favourite for many but more recently there has been growing interest from those seeking to invest in North Cyprus, in the eastern side of the island where the stretch between the bustling town of Famagusta and the fore mentioned Karpaz, is now the focus of attention for developers. This is primarily the Long Beach area of Iskele where some most impressive holiday and residential resorts have been built. This area does appear to be attracting buyers of apartments and penthouses in particular but there are also some stunning villas available. Property prices here are still well below comparable properties in the south although the gap is closing quite quickly. This makes it an ideal time to invest being one of the few places in the Mediterranean where it is still possible to get on the property ladder closer to the bottom rung than the top. Busy Bees Estate Agents head office is based in the middle of this area of opportunity in the fishing village of Bogaz. This makes us well placed to offer our clients first hand advice and to liaise with local property developers and other industry key people.

Although still largely unspoiled, the TRNC is far from lacking in the essentials of modern living. There is a well structured banking system with close associations with leading foreign banks such as Barclays, HSBC and Natwest. A flexible approach allows you to set up an account in a choice of currencies, e.g. Turkish Lira, Pound Sterling, U.S. Dollars, Euro etc.

Medical facilities here have vastly improved over recent years and there are some excellent hospitals and medical centers in the major towns.

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