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Nicosia, North Cyprus

Nicosia has been continuously inhabited for over 4,500 years and has been the capital of Cyprus since the 10th century.
Romantic Street in Nicosia

This is a city with a rich past... During its early history Nicosia drifted in and out of importance. It wasn't until the Island became part of Byzantine Empire that the city finally became the capitol. This was due to Arab pirate attacks on Salamis in 647 and the need to move the capitol inland.

Over the centuries the city outgrew it's walled town and today spreads across the Mesoria Plain in all directions. Today, the southern part of the city is known as Nicosia and the northern part is called Lefkosia (Kuzey Lefkoşa) by the Turkish Cypriots. Both halves of the city are the largest towns in their respective geographic areas. This is the only divided capitol in the world.

It's the center of town that both locals & tourists flock to see. The original, old walled city remains and its star-fortress walls are in excellent condition. Inside the old town you'll discover many lovely shops and nice restaurants. It's a great day of exploring. There is even a check-point allowing foot travel between the two parts of the walled town. Simply show your Passport and you can come and go.

Map of North Cyprus

Because the town is the administrative capitol for both the southern and northern parts of the island, you will find the expected Embassies in the south and perhaps one-hundred meters away, offices serving the northern half of the city. These offices perform all the functions of the embassies just to the south. Most major nations use this technique as it is more convenient for the citizens they serve.

Real Estate in the city is dominated by locals. While there are certainly ex pats living in town, most prefer life on the coast. Business owners, regardless of nationality, will want to consider Nicosia for a home purchase. As you would expect, many of the most beautiful old villas are to be found inside the walled city.

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