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North Cyprus Residency

Residency in North Cyprus

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Residency Requirements

When you first enter North Cyprus, your Passport will be stamped with either a thirty, sixty or ninety day stamp. Which you receive is determined by the purpose of your visit. Make sure the Officer knows if you own property before he stamps the Passport.

It’s important that you know which stamp you have because you must leave the country or apply for residency by the end of your Visa (stamp). As an aside, all forms of Residence Permits (work permit, for example) are considered the same under this regulation. Once you have applied, you will face no conquences if the Visa runs out before the Permit is approved. Indeed, this is normal.

Most ex pats who apply for a Residence Permit own property in North Cyprus. Of course, there are numerous other categories like, students, yacht crew, etc. But the vast majority will receive a high income permit as a property owner or family member.

During your first permit period, you will receive a one-year permit. Longer periods are available after your third permit. The status of your deed (Kocan) affects your permit period as well.

There are two sub-categories under an Immovable Property permit. The property owner and family (including Spouse).

The actual application process is not too difficult and has moved to an online site. The site is in Turkish and doesn’t offer other languages. Odd when you consider it is for immigrants from other countries. There are several sources online with translations.

You will start at the local Immigration Office in the Police Station and they will answer all questions. They are supposed to interview you but in general the questions always seem to flow the other way. You will find them to be quite helpful during this process.

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In General:
  • Mukhtar’s (Village Elder) Letter
  • Account Balance Statement from your local Bank
  • Government Health Insurance
  • Health Check (blood & x-ray if under 60)
  • Entire process complete within 30 days
  • Proof 30% of total price of property has been paid
  • Passport
  • You have not overstayed your Visa (fine per day)

There are several other requirements, like stamps from the Post Office, but the Police Station should give you a paper checklist to work down.

Two notes of caution:

  1. At one point, those over sixty were exempt from the requirements and could simply stay without papers. No longer.
  2. Do not take important papers into the Republic of Cyprus. Deeds and such will be seized if discovered. More over, there could be legal consequences for you personally.

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