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Estentepe, North Cyprus

There are not many places in the world more spectacular than Estentepe (meaning Windy Hill) along the North, central coast of North Cyprus. Rugged, rocky mountains featuring green, steep slopes come to within two hundred meters of cool turquoise water. Miles of coastline remain unspoiled by strip-malls and fast food restaurants. This is the TRNC in post cards…
Sunrise Resort

To the west of Kyrenia you will find Estentepe. From the main highway along the coast all you'll see is a traffic island and a road going uphill to the inland side. At the top of the hill you will discover a charming village that is believed to date back to the Byzantine era. At it's center is an

The village itself is inhabited mostly by mainland Turks who moved here after the events of 1974. Estentepe has become the shopping destination for a number of new developments that have sprouted up along the main highway (away from the village). This growth has been driven by ex pats who have fallen in love with the costal area.

Back out along the coast, you will discover a modern, well designed highway with a 90KPH speed limit. If you would like to see a bit of old Cyprus, we suggest you take the Old Coast Road. Passing through places like Küçükerenkoy, you will discover a number of great local restaurants. This may be the very best area for property investment in TRNC. Fine, beach front villas can still be had at amazing prices.


Perhaps one of the best parts of living in Estentepe is that sea turtles come to area beaches to lay their eggs. The nesting season is mid-summer, begining in late June. Indeed, one of the many resorts along the coast favored by ex pats is named Turtle Bay. There are groups who mark nest each day and these sites are carefully monitored. Yes, some folks like to walk the beaches in the evening and watch for turtles.

We would be remiss if we didn’t tell you about the Korineum Golf & Country Club. This five star golf course features a world-class course next to well maintained apartments. Visit Google Reviews and you find comments like “Great place to play golf, relax, have fun and enjoy the great Cypriot countryside. “ Only here for the weekend? Book a room at their five-star hotel.

Estentepe has many shops, restaurants, bars, a Health Centre and Pharmacy. Turkish Cypriot Esentepe Sports Club hosts the Cyprus Turkish Football Association K-PET 1st League. The village is home to about two about thousand people and Esentepe Beach is currently undergoing major development which will include log cabins, restaurants and beach bars.

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