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Long Beach, North Cyprus

When it comes to real estate, Long Beach is the crown jewel of North Cyprus. This is the area that Forbes Magazine called the best beachfront investment in the world.

Long Beach

Yes, you can afford to purchase a home with a sea view. For most people that doesn’t sound possible, but it is. Long Beach is exactly what it sounds like; a couple of kilometers of perfect sand. This may be the most popular beach in North Cyprus.

The beach itself has every amenity you can think of: everything from WiFi to exercise equipment. There are a couple of beachfront cafes, showers, and a Life Guard during peak periods.

There’s even a fella who will teach you how to use those big surf kites. Lessons and kite included.

The only charge is five TL (at this writing) for a lounge chair and cushion, and a large umbrella. As an aside, five Turkish Lira, ₺5.00 is very little even by local standards, and your sun bed is yours for the entire day.

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Of course if you’re interested in purchasing a home, the real action is across the highway. The real estate market in Long Beach is red hot. There are a number is new complexes going up right now and many of them offer builder financing and off-plan pricing. Some don't even require credit checks.

Notice the phrase above, across the highway? That's not a random. Wild, uncontrolled growth is not a thing here. For example; buildings over four floors must be a certain distance away from the sea. In pratice, this means they have to be on the far side of the highway, not bunched-up wall to wall aginst the sand. To get a building permit, you even have to show where the shadows from your building fall during each season. This is thoughtful, controlled growth.

These new places range from small Villa Communties to five-star, high rise apartment complexes. Of course there is a price point to fit any budget. Really, the only question is: what do you want?

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