North Cyprus offers the best beachfront investment opportunities IN THE WORLD. Forbes Magazine
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Busy Bees Estate Agents in North Cyprus

Busy Bees Boğaz Harbour
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Busy Bees - THE Estate Agents in North Cyprus

Buying North Cyprus property doesn’t need to be difficult, but it is different compared with what many of us are used to. Busy Bees Estate Agents only works with property for sale in North Cyprus and we know the government departments, people, and procedures you will need when buying your new villa, apartment, land, or a romantic bungalow.

Busy Bees, the largest independent estate agency in the country, offer the largest number of properties which include villas, bungalows, apartments and land investments. Current prices here may be up to 50% lower than other Mediterranean countries. A great time to invest. When it comes to property sales, we have better coverage than other estate agents in North Cyprus with strategically located offices just where you need them and staffed by friendly, competent, english speaking personnel able to help you find your ideal property.

Recently, Forbes Magazine declared North Cyprus is the world's top location to purchase beachfront property. With a low cost of living and a lovely climate, the area makes the perfect location for retirement or investing.

Being a major tourist destination with low property cost, the area offers excellent opportunities for the smart investor. Busy Bees even has a professional Off-Plan/Investment agent on staff. Charley's job is to locate bargains and guide investors through the purchasing process.

Because of our size we have numerous social media platforms through which we can market a villa or apartment. We also advertise and list homes on several International Property Portals. And that's before the websites, yes we have multiple of those too. Combined, these assets allow us to sell more homes at great prices. Of all the estate agents in North Cyprus, Busy Bees is the best place to sell your home at a price that will make you happy.

Most Common Questions:

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Can I purchase property during the Covid pandemic? Yes, we have made arrangements with vendors to allow you to make a deposit, hold the home (no matter how long), and finalize the purchase when you come. We have used this technique with multiple properties successfully.

Is it easy to retire in North Cyprus? Most of our clients move here to retire for the beauty, low cost, and weather. The majority of Ex Pats here are retired. In fact, getting a job requires an extra permit so it’s easier to retire here than be employed.

What about the Cost of Living? In general, this is one of the least expensive places around the Mediterranean to purchase real estate. There are a few things that are high, but in general most commodities necessary for living are cheap. Villas & Apartments are especially inexpensive.

I want to move to North Cyprus to live. What about residency? Recently the residency application process moved online and was streamlined. Like all countries, there are rules for residency but in general almost everyone qualifies. There is a step by step process that begins and ends with the Immigration Office at the local Police Station.

Can I invest but keep living in my home country? Yep, happens everyday. In fact the process is so common we have a person who specializes in that exact procedure. Of all the estate agents in North Cyprus, Busy Bees is your best choice to handle investment transactions.

Why should I allow Busy Bees to sell my home? We are the biggest estate agency in North Cyprus for a reason: we sell more homes! Because of the size of our inventory, we have a bigger selection of villas and apartments. This allows customers more choices and they will spend more time looking for that one special Villa. The equation is simple: More properties for sale equals more customers searching. Common sense says you will sell your home faster with Busy Bees Estate Agents.

Can see a home in person? No problem; we will even help with the cost of your visit. An Inspection Trip can be arranged to you to see the Island for yourself. We can help with your airport taxi, hotel, meals, and even plane tickets. Anything you need we will try to have set-up and ready for your arrival.

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