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Lapta, North Cyprus

While no longer one of the major cities on the Island, Lapta is a place with a fascinating, rich past.
Mountins at Lapta

Lapta is about 14 kilometres west of Kyrenia, on the northern coast of Cyprus. Before the major powers of the region occupied the Island, Cyprus was divided into several small kingdoms and Lapta was the capitol of one. Over time, pottery and copper gave the city an importance that warranted city walls and international status as a center of trade.

Today, Lapta is no longer a major city and it's mostly thought of as a suburb of Kyrenia. However, its still big enough to have all the shops and amenities you may need.

We should also mention the Lapta Tourism Festival held each year the first week in June. There are a number of cultural activities, including folk dance performances, craft products, and local foods available from small stalls. There are even several concerts during the festival.


We wanted to tell you a bit about Lapta for good reason: the area host the largest concentration of UK ex pats in North Cyprus. That means you will meet more shop keepers who speak English. Most will understand your culture and the supermarket will stock food from home. Busy Bees always have a number of homes for sale in the area and will be happy to show you several.

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