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Bafra, North Cyprus

Of all the places in the world you can choose to live, Bafra may well come the closest to paradise. Some of the best beaches in all the Med are complemented by major casino complexes.

Bafra, Concord Lazy River

Not long ago Bafra, also known as Vokolida, was a small fishing village of little note. But there was something special about the place: some of the best, unspoiled beaches in this part of the world. In 2006 the government of North Cyprus decided to develop the area for tourism. This was a bet that has paid enormous dividends.

Besides the beaches, the village now plays host to five (!) major casino complexes. These casinos feature hotels, restaurants, clubs, shows, and all amenities. From shopping to water parks you can find anything your heart desires. Yeah, buy here and you will have company come to visit next Summer.


As they say on TV: But wait, there's more! Those beaches are still here and they are fabulous. Some are located at the casinos, some at the apartment complex/resort and the local municipality having perhaps the best beach in all Cyprus. You will want for nothing.

Once your guest discover Bafra, they will want to go every day; guess how we know. So yes, it would make a fine investment but don't you dare buy for that. Purchase in Bafra because this is one of the best places on Earth.

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