An old home is a reflection of years of love and life within its walls. Older houses have a certain charm that can make them attractive to real estate investors and home buyers alike.  Without question, older homes have a certain charm and character that newer homes simply cannot replicate. Granted, they’ve had the opportunity to build up their personality over previous decades.  This villa is no exception, and offers the opportunity for someone to put their own mark on this great renovation project. Whether you are looking to put the sparkle back into this property and sell on for profit, or perhaps you want to create your own dream home in the sun for holidays or permanent living, this property ticks all the right boxes as a great project and should be at the top of your viewing list if renovation is your thing. The property is connected to water and electric and is livable should you wish to stay in the property during the renovation process. Alternatively, our Company can put you in touch with some reputable builders if you prefer for someone else to do the work.

Reference No: HP2974