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The Hottest Investment in Northern Cyprus

Here's Why:

  • Studios Sold Out
  • 1 bed from £84,900
  • 2 bed from £101,900
  • 3 bed duplex from £136,900
  • 3 bed from £128,900

£2,000 reservation + £1,400 solicitors fees
2 weeks later 25% less the reservation fee

NOTHING More Until December 2019 at completion.
The Developer is offering a 7.5% total over 2 years GUARANTEED RENTAL, but our figures have ignored this and are taking advantange of the 3% discount given when the rental guarantee is not taken, this is because short term lets will earn you far far higher earnings.


2 BEDS Start at £101,900
*£101,900 x 3%  =£98,843   x 25% down payment (£24,710.75) = £74,132.25 on mortgage.
15 year mortgage if approved                         = £7,995.84  every year (£666.32 month)
10 year mortgage if not approved                 = £12,762.98  every year (£1063.58 per month)
**Every year:-
Projected rental           MINIMUM £600 per week x 25 weeks = £15,000
With the 15 year mortgage you will cover your mortgage and potentially gross £7,004.16
With the 10 year mortgage you will cover your mortgage and potentially gross £2,237.02

*If buying to let, we recommend you use Busy Bees for this service. If you do this and do not take the guaranteed rental, you receive an 3% discount.
**Currently in the same area, 2 bedroom apartments are yielding £500 per week on short term holiday lets.

Mortgages cannot be applied for until completion at December 2019.

Electric and water connection £2,000 per apartment. Mortgage arrangement fee of 2% of the property price. 

At the end of the 15 year mortgage, there is 5% vat to pay, as with all new property, and 3% transfer of title deed into your name.

Progress July,2018

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How will this pay for itself?

Nearby short-term rentals are currently receiving up to £500 per week for a two bedroom. We have forecast that you can do your own short term holiday lets at a very low estimate of £600 per week in 2019 in this new 5 star complex. In our opinion you can achieve 25 weeks booked per year. 25 x £600 = £15,000 per year, giving you six months use and again, your mortgage being paid for and around 8,000 per year profit!  So in theory, this 2 bed apartment could actually only be costing the initial 25% and solicitors, stamp duty and costs! Even if you only rented for 13 weeks a year, again this rental money is paying for the apartment! This applies the same on all versions of bedroom types! This is a real true amazing investment opportunity.

Basically, rent the unit for 25 weeks @ £600 (minimum) per week = £15,000
Your mortgage for the year is

This apartment could pay for itself after the initial 25% and pay you profit! This really isn't rocket science.

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Busy Bees have set-up up a rentals department in readiness for the completion of this property and our projected rental yield would be a lot higher.

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