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There are not many places in the world more spectacular than Estentepe and Tatlisu along the North, central coast of North Cyprus. Rugged, rocky mountains featuring green, steep slopes come to within two hundred meters of cool turquoise water. Miles of coastline remain unspoiled by strip-malls and fast food restaurants.This is the TRNC in post cards…

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Perhaps the best place to start a tour of the area is at the top. At 630 meters, the views from Kantara Castle are stunning. The Kyrenia Mountain range stretches to the West in a series of jagged peaks that created natural defenses for North Cyprus. From Kantara Castle, you can easily see both coast (pictured above). The cool breezes make for a quiet afternoon far from the tourists spots below.

At Busy Bees Estate Agents, one of our favorite spots is the village of Tatlisu. Tatlisu was established between the 7th and the 10th centurys at the place where the river passing through the village meets the sea. Following the Mamluk Arab raids in Cyprus, the coastal location was abandoned and the village moved to its present-day inland location. Today, the picturesque village is situated at the very base of the mountains. The main building in the area is a large Greek Cypriot Church that has been preserved and converted into a Mosque. The main road into town splits in half and forms a loop through the village

Back out along the coast, you will discover a modern, well designed highway with a 90KPH speed limit. If you would like to see a bit of old Cyprus, we suggest you take the Old Coast Road. Passing through places like Küçükerenkoy, you will discover a number of great local restaurants. This may be the very best area for property investment in TRNC. Fine, beach front villas, like the one pictures along the right hand of this page, can still be had at amazing prices.

We would be remiss if we didn’t tell you about the Korineum Golf & Country Club. This five star golf course features a world-class course next to well maintained apartments. Visit Google Reviews and you find comments like “Great place to play golf, relax, have fun and enjoy the great Cypriot countryside. “ Only here for the weekend? Book a room at their five-star hotel.

Close to the Golf Course you discover the village of Estentepe. The town has many shops, restaurants, bars, a Health Centre and Pharmacy. Turkish Cypriot Esentepe Sports Club hosts the Cyprus Turkish Football Association K-PET 1st League. The village is home to about two about thousand people and Esentepe Beach is currently undergoing major development which will include log cabins, restaurants and beach bars.

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