• Stunning  City Centre location, in the middle of Famagusta
  • Various payment options available
  • 25% now, nothing else until completion in June 2022
  • 10 year mortgage plans available
  • Handover is planned for June 2022
  • Developers group of companies trading since 1961.


The proof that off plan works for you.
The previous large scale apartment project constructed by this developer is now close to completion and early off plan investors have seen the value of their investments increase by up to around potentially 50%. Shrewd investors can achieve similar savings by getting in on the ground floor with this fabulous new exciting project.  Don’t delay.  Prices always increase step by step of the construction of all new properties.  Units are being bought up very quickly now that the project has been launched to the market. Contact us today quoting reference number HP1981-2 in order to register your interest without obligation.

Lots of cities and countries have buildings or features that are instantly recognized that they become forever associated with that city or country.  For example, the Tower Bridge in London, or the Opera House that screams out Sydney Australia are both great examples. A building is coming to North Cyprus which will scream out, North Cprus and you can own part in it! Original and great architecture for this new five star standard apartment building in the Famagusta area of North Cyprus. This will be so outstanding that we believe it will become an instantly recognizable symbol of success and recognition for our prized country of Northern Cyprus.

It is within easy reach of the thriving and vibrant City of Famagusta with its charming mix of ancient and modern culture plus the beautiful stunning sandy beaches of Famagusta Bay, this really is the place in which to invest for the future.

This most exciting investment opportunity comes courtesy of one of the largest and longest established commercial Companies in Northern Cyprus who have a solid reputation for both quality and reliability of project planning and delivery and always with title deeds at handover.

If you are buying to let, you will be excited by the close proximity to Famagusta with its thriving business community and the thousands of students, lecturers and others involved in the Eastern Mediterranean University, (EMU)  If not buying for investment, private buyers may well be attracted as holiday home or residential owners with easy access to beaches, shopping mall, hospitals , and many other facilities which are on offer.

Investing early is the key to great returns!

Some Key Features
•Buy now and expect upto 50% in profit at completion in 2022!
•10 year mortgages can be applied forwith the construction companies own bank!
•10 year builders’ loan GUARANTEED from the construction company if the mortgage application is rejected.
•Only 25% down payment required now! (No messy stage payments before completion, this builder doesn’t need to work with your money!)
•Great  furniture packages available from our sister company!
•Choice of apartment styles. *

All our new properties in North Cyprus are subject to 5% vat and 3% transfer at the end of the payment programme.

Solicitor’s payments are £1,400
Stamp Duty 0.5% of the contract price
Electric + water connection fee is £2,000 per suite.
The mortgage arrangement fee is 2%
The mortgage can be applied for in June 2022 for maximum 10 years.
If the customer is turned down for the mortgage, a GUARANTEED 10 year builders’ loan will be offered from the construction company, with no questions asked!
The maintenance for the building is £20 per month.XXX

For all apartments, 25% is paid just as soon as contracts are drawn up, no longer than 4 weeks,  along with 0.5% stamp duty and a £1,400 solicitors fee.

£2,000 of this amount is paid as a reservation fee.


At completion in June 2022  you have options for the balance:-

You can apply to the Developers' own bank for a mortgage which will be for  10 years or pay cash.

If not successful for the mortgage you will automatically get the 10 year loan from the construction Company no matter what your age or circumstance, this is the guarantee we will give you which will be written in your sales contract.

The developers' bank will  require the following  (@8%)

•         %25 down payment will be paid by the buyer/s
•         The bank loan will be up to a maximum of  75% of the sales price of the property
•         Security: The first  legal charge over the purchased property
•         min 1 Personal guarantor is required for any overseas borrowers (can be a foreigner)
•         The overseas borrowers must produce documents evidencing their permanent overseas addresses. (for example…..Bank Statement, electricity / gas bills etc)
•         Currency is in Great British Pounds. (GBP)
•         Interest rate is fixed at 8%
•         Maximum 10 Years
•         The mortgage arrangement fee : is 2%  + 0.5% stamp duty
•         In the case of English speaking buyers, it is preferred that all legal documentations are to be signed at buyers solicitors Office after independent legal advice is given and witnessed by the said solicitor. This will be required at court in case of any borrower defaults.
•         The house insurance will be arranged courtesy of the Bank

Rental Potential:

Short term holiday lets approx £375 per week through 25 weeks of the year

Long term: Approx £375 per month