• Set right on the sea front
  • On 28 donums (9 acres) site
  • Total of 64 en-suite guest rooms
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Large lobby/ dining area
  • Selection of outside terraces and eating areas
  • English style pub
  • Walking distance to Bogaz Harbour
  • 20 Minutes to Famagusta

Busy Bees presents an ideal oppertunity for serous investors looking for an opening into the Mediterranean property market. With the cost of property and land very low in comparison to other Mediterranean countries this is an ideal time to invest and presents an oppertunity for substantial growth with a healthy return on investments. There are some new and exciting developments in this region and despite a global recession in property two five star hotels have been recently completed with plans for a further sixteen quality hotels in this area Along with a new 18 hole golf course currently under construction, the new fully operational state of the art Karpaz Gate Marinas and improved road links together certainly make a statement about the future of tourism in this part of Northern Cyprus.


The property

The beach hotel is loacted on the main Famagusta Bay coast road that runs from the heart of Famagusta down to the wonderful Karpaz area, in an excellent postion the hotel is just 250 meters from the sea front.

The hotel currently has a total of 64 rooms in a variety of configerations including standard rooms, suites and two room mini villas. The bulk of the rooms have seaviews and are set around the main pool area with the remainder in a separtae building near the second swimming pool.

The communal internal areas include a very large lobby and dining area, reception area, working areas with a large kitchen etc, a separte english style pub, and load of outside terraces set in large grounds mearsuring 28 donums.

Although the hotel has been closed for several years we believe the structure to be sound but in need of some maintanance and updating and a moderate amount of investment would be needed to achieve this.This is reflected in the very low asking price which has just been reduced from £5,000,000 to £3,000,000 to now attract a sale immediately. The land on which the Hotel is built is let from the Government, at a figure of 6,000 dollars every year.


Thıs is an oppertunity for investors to be become involved in the touristic and property buisness in the TRNC that has tremendous scope for growth and future profits, The single most likely event thet will boast prices overnight is the eagerly awaited resolution to the North/ South political Issue. But evem without this happening, property and land investmentsin the TRNC are a choice.

With a resolution, which infromed sources predict will be sooner rather than later the upward values of property and land will be dramatic. Also the fact that North Cyprus is not connected directly to the troubled  Eurozone, the local currency is the Turkish Lira with the najority of property offers made in pounds sterling, this must also be a consideration.

If you would like to learn more about the area: Click Here. http://www.busybeesestateagents-cyprus.net/island/bogaz/